My order failed / Delivery error - 'The refill encountered a temporary issue and failed' / 'We failed to deliver some of your ordered items'

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If an order fails to be delivered (this, unfortunately, does happen occasionally due to operator/supplier issues), you will have 2 alternatives under the Refund Options button:

  • Retry order: This option is selected by default, your order will be automatically retried for 4 days, if it still does not get delivered after that period, you will be refunded. 
  • Immediate refund: Un-check the 'Retry failing orders for up to 4 days' option and provide the desired refund method or address:
    • Bitrefill account balance or Bitcoin address for Bitcoin / Account balance payments
    • Address for other cryptocurrencies payments

Please note that refunds to your Bitrefill Account are instant and will help you save on future transaction fees and allow you to make instant purchases.



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