What is our refund policy?

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If an order has failed to be delivered (this, unfortunately, does happen sometimes due to operator issues), we will refund the cryptocurrency paid as soon as we can, after you send us a refund address. If you haven't received your refill or voucher code, please contact us, or respond to your receipt email and we will check into it. Please provide all useful order info that you have (order ID, payment address, email address, or the phone number you are topping up)
Note: if an order has been delivered successfully we are unable to cancel it. So please make sure you're sending it to the right number/email. We cannot refund successfully delivered voucher codes; please ensure you are ordering the correct product!

Occasionally, there is technical issues, which may cause a transaction to fail, meaning:

  • The Customer did not receive the Product;
  • The Product was received, but cannot be redeemed on account due to it having been previously redeemed; or
  • The Product was received, but cannot be redeemed on account due to it not being valid.

In case the Customer does not receive the Product after having paid and appropriate diligences are made by us to provide for the delivery of the Product or understand the cause of the delay, the Customer may request a refund.

In case the Product was received but cannot be redeemed, the Customer shall inform us. We will then start appropriate diligence with the relevant third-party providers in order to correct the issue. Should the third-party provider fail to correct the issue and agree to refund us, we will then refund the Customer.

Please note that the Customer does not have a cooling-off period of any kind after acquiring a Product. Once a Product is received, no refunds or reimburses will be offered.

In case of a technical error causing the Product not to be delivered to the Customer, we will refund the Customer in full by crediting its Bitrefill Balance or with a return transaction in the same cryptocurrency.

Refunds must be requested within 30 days from the date of the transaction.

For the purposes of requesting a refund or any further information, the Customer shall contact us.

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